DUE DATE - 31 OCT 2012

Terms to participate :
  • make an entry about this giveaway with title Giveaway Entri Ke-1000 Blog Aesya Zealous
  • follow this blog and sponsors blog. if not, you'll be disqualified!
  • place the banner above in your entry and back-link it to this entry.
  • lastly, leave your entry URL's in the comment box on this entry.
Prizes isssssssssss :
  • MIXSTYLE HEADPHONE! omg I want this so badly yknow ._.
  • topup RM10 x5 winners. 
Sponsorssssssssss :
Oh, so this is the mixstyle headphones to those who still blur what is mixstyle headphones actually lol?

omg i want this so badly! my earphones arghhhh have been 'rosak' that day lol -.-

wish me luck please n_n i want this so badly okay okay okay okay! and i really really hope that i'll be the lucky person to have this awesome headphone. Amin~

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