Giveaway : Specky Kitty by Nayli


Terms to participate :-
  • Malaysian blogger.
  • Have facebook account and blog.
  • Follow Nayli's and Dija's blog.
  • Open for all bloggers and facebookers.
Steps to participate *for blogger :-
  • make an entry about this giveaway - Giveaway : Specky Kitty by Nayli.
  • place the banner above in your entry and link-it to Nayli's blog.
  • leave your entry link in the comment box in this entry.
Steps to participate *for facebookers :-
  • like this sticky post and add a comment.
  • then, post 'Hello Kitty Forever' in the comment section.
  • wait until the winners is announced. 
Steps to participate *for both [blogger and facebooker ]:-
  • click all the given links - THIS, THIS and THIS.
  • then, wait until the winners is announced :)

all the prizes are ooooooooooooooooosem! so? don't just wait and waste time, let's participating in this awesome giveaway! wish me luck anyway :) Amin~


POSTED BY LyllΛzhar II ON Tuesday, 6 November 2012 1 derp[s] TOP
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